6 Simple Ways to Remove Window Tint

Window tints are one of the most common accessories that almost every car has. The reason why many vehicle owners tint their windows vary. Some car owners invest in it to improve security and privacy proofing. While others use window tints purely for aesthetic purposes. For most drivers, they use window films to block the heat and UV rays while driving down the road under the heat of the sun.

Window films are deemed to be necessary for the car itself as well, as it ensures good performance in the long run. However, tints have a lifespan and their installation and replacement cost a lot.

There are five signs that tell you when it is time for window tints replacement. (1) Bubbles and Air bulges, (2) Fading and Purpling, (3) Peeling, (4) Damaged car interiors, and (5) Hot temperature despite aircon blast.

Letting professionals remove and replace your window tints like a specialist in window tinting Woodbury, MN will save you time and money. But if by any chance you have a razor blade, dishwashing soap, soft cloth, spray bottle, water, and glass cleaner and can easily follow instructions, you can do it yourself.

The Tools and the Process:

  1. Razor Blade. Cut the edge of the window film using a sharp razor blade. Use caution when removing the tint film especially when using metallic blades. On plastic windows, non-metallic scrapers work best.
  2. Peel off. Carefully peel the film starting from the corner of the window. Try using the blade when the film does not go in one piece. Resume peeling off the entire tint film using the blade as you lift the edge of the tint.
  3. Soapy Mixture. In a spray bottle, mix the dishwashing liquid and water to make a soapy solution. Afterwards, start spraying the parts of the window with leftover adhesive.
  4. Sit and Soak. Give the remaining adhesive enough time to soften up by letting it sit and soak under the soapy solution. This would make the next process easier.
  5. Scraping the leftovers. For the remaining adhesive, use the blade to peel it off. Keep the glass wet enough as you keep scraping to avoid window scratches. When the window gets dry, spray more soapy mixture, and repeat the process until all done.
  6. Cleaning up. Use the glass cleaner or soapy mixture to clean the windows. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive cleaning products to avoid scratches.

Window tint removal is an easy task to do, but it can be much easier with the help of high-skilled professionals in window tinting Davis CA, delivering you the best quality products and services.

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