Advantages of Joining a Car Club

In the Philippines, it is a norm for car owners to be a part of a car club either of the type of vehicles they have or join a group of diverse car enthusiasts. IT is their love for cars and interest in automotive vehicles that push these people to form groups where other car owners and enthusiasts can benefit.

So why should one be a part of at least one car club here in the Philippines? Here are the different reasons why:

It is a Great Place for Socialization

Because many car lovers go to events such as meet-ups and car shows, these groups also because a great place to meet new friends from different walks of life. Car clubs encourage people to communicate with one another to exchange ideas and insights about what it’s like to own a car and share experiences that even a new member can learn about.

Get Valuable Motoring Advice

Aside from the insights are experiences gained from one another, motoring advice is what others sought to hear when they go to car club assemblies. There is always a big chance to meet knowledgeable members about vehicles and answer almost anything about cars when asked.

Mechanically inclined individuals are also present in such events that can provide beneficial ideas about branding, maintenance, repair, and car pricing should one have the idea of selling their car to purchase a new one.

Discounts from car Insurance Companies

And of course, aside from the endless learning one can learn from car club members, some promote car insurance in PH for the financial protection of a car owner and his vehicle should there be any untoward incident that happens to them or when the car gets damaged.

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Check out this infographic of and read about other advantages of being a car club member in the Philippines.


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