Buying a New Truck? Here’s Why You Should Go Diesel

One of the deciding factors in buying a new truck is choosing between diesel and gas engines. You may have the budget and have narrowed down your options from the available truck designs in the market; truck engines make the purchasing process tricky, but whether you are buying a truck for the first time or nth time, do make the most out of that hard-earned money!

Despite the many things that need to be learned, like the difference between diesel and biodiesel, or the pros and cons of biodiesel, here’s why you should pick diesel engines when buying a truck.

More Mileage and Power

Compared to gas trucks, diesel engines have more mileage. Average diesel trucks usually run from 500,000 to 800,000 miles in the course of the truck’s lifetime. The model and maintenance are also factors to more incredible mileage. The heavy-duty activities that trucks can undertake, like travels that require a long drive going from one country to another, deliveries, or family trips, are doable because diesel engines produce a lot of torque than gas engines.

Fuel Economy and Cheap Maintenance Cost

Diesel generates more energy but burns at a prolonged rate than gas engines, meaning diesel lasts longer than a full tank of gasoline, saves you a lot of money. And if you take good care of your truck, it truly will last long to the point that if you decide to put it up for sale as a second-hand truck dealer will undoubtedly be interested because you excellently maintained your vehicle.

Trucks that use gas engines to go for cheaper maintenance of engine parts, but if you are a buyer who considers durability, purpose, and efficiency, going diesel will surely save you a lot.

Learn more about using diesel through this infographic.



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