Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine

With the recent coronavirus in full effect, all of us have been placed under quarantine. This has led to fewer cars on the road and more drivers forced to stay at home. On the positive side, there is less money being spent on gas and our cars have been forced to take a break. However, keeping our vehicles idle can result in a few issues that may affect us in the long run.

Whether we have stored our car or still use it to buy groceries, we have to maintain its good condition even during this pandemic. Here are some easy ways that we can sustain our car’s condition during this quarantine.

First and foremost, learn about car oil. It is very important to keep our car engine’s moving parts lubricated, so always make sure you have enough oil. You can also replace your oil with fresh oil. Used oil usually has metal filings and other substances that can affect your engine’s performance. Next, make sure that your car’s battery is charged at all times so it will start. Neglecting this can inevitably cause you trouble.

You should also make sure that your lights are fully functioning. Lights are very important because not only does our law require it, but it is also to keep us safe. We use our lights to communicate with other drivers, so keep them in tip-top shape.  Burnt out or defective light should be fixed immediately. Lastly, you should keep your car insurance up to date with car insurance Philippines or any other insurance plan of your choice. Being under quarantine does not guarantee that you are fully safe from road accidents instead, it may increase your risks.

To learn more about how you can sustain your car’s condition and your car insurance Cubao, check out this infographic from

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