Should You Buy or Lease Your New Vehicle?

Many people want to have a vehicle of their own someday. There are different cars that you can choose from and when you have the money to buy one, make sure that the car you buy suits your lifestyle.

SUVs now outsell the traditional sedan in the market. Thanks to their perceived practicality, safety, and versatility. Suited to families, they are broken down into small SUVs, Mid-size SUVs, and large or seven-seat SUVs. SUVs are perfect for people with huge families. There are other types of vehicles that you can use.

Sedans are the ‘traditional’ car. Although they are not as popular as they used to be, sedans can be split into small, medium, and large. Sedans are also used today for people who have simple lifestyles, and they are mostly displayed in car dealerships showrooms. For people who have a family but cannot afford an SUV, you can buy wagons.

Once a popular family choice, wagons are now a niche alternative to SUVs. Whatever that vehicle is, most dealerships will ask if you would want a lease or a purchase. If you want to know the difference between leasing and purchasing a car, you can check this infographic from lease

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