Things To Know About Powerstroke Injectors

The modern diesel injectors that are responsible for supplying your car’s engine with fuel are electronically controlled and have become more reliable than ever. The diesel trucks from Ford are long-lived workhorses, and a lot of them run well over 200,000 miles.

Just like every other part of your Powerstroke-powered truck, the injectors are precision components. They give you better fuel performance as well as more power, and they also make the engine operate better compared to the older models. As the Ford engines continued to evolve, and so did the generations of the Powerstroke injectors.

The Ford’s 6.0L Powerstroke injectors were first introduced in the market during the 2003-2007 Ford truck series. These injectors offer several significant benefits for your diesel engine. The fuel injector control module communicates with the onboard sensors in order to calculate how long to turn on the injectors. Due to the precise fuel injection results got from these, there is a steady torque output, something that gives your truck the power for hauling and towing large loads. The direct injection causes quick turbo spool times that are very necessary for off-idle performance as well as response. The injectors provide better fuel economy compared to what would have with sporadic fuel injection.

Maintenance is very important for early Powerstroke injectors’ peak performance. The earliest edition of the Powerstroke injectors is considered the easiest to fix without resulting into engine failure. Most the common issues experienced come down to the usual wear and tear which usually comes with use as well as poor maintenance of the truck.

The 6.0L Powerstroke injectors are sensitive parts, for that reason they require regular and proper maintenance in order to ensure their reliability. You need to use high-quality diesel oil with an API service rating of CD-4 or CG-4, which comes with an anti-foaming agent in order to prevent air in the oil.

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