Things To Know About The Cummins Block Heater

Since diesel engines require much higher temperatures to fire the fuel, they are more difficult to start in cold weather compared to petrol-powered vehicles. In order to warm things up before the engine starts, the Cummins block heater has been designed and developed to keep various parts of the vehicle warm and snuggly even when it is not being driven. There are some vehicles that come with block heaters when you purchase them. Other vehicles do not come with the block heaters, but you can purchase and install them later on when need arises.

When you install the Cummins block heater to your diesel powered vehicle,   you can use it to keep the engine block warm overnight. You simply need to park your vehicle, plug the heater cord into a heavy 3 pronged extension cord, and then plug that extension cord into a 110V electrical socket that has the ability to handle a three pronged plug.  When shopping for the block heater, make sure that you take into consideration the length of the extension cord. It can be fifty feet to a socket from a hotel parking lot. In cold regions, where engine block heaters are very important, electrical outlets are built right into some parking meters.

Before you go ahead to purchase the Cummins block heater, it is important to check out the charts at an auto parts store or dealership in order to match the wattage of the heater to the size of your engine as well as the range of weather that you encounter.  When plugged in, high wattage heaters can run up your electricity bills unnecessarily if your engine is small or do not expect the temperature to go below zero very often.

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