What are the Top Esports Games to Bet On? – Infographic
What are the Top Esports Games to Bet On? – Infographic

What are the Top Esports Games to Bet On? – Infographic

The global epidemic that started in 2020 has forced many individuals to stay home, contributing to the Esports industry’s steady growth. The esports betting market continues to develop, reaching around 800 million customers in 2019, and is projected to reach 13 billion customers by 2025.

Online casino gamblers in Singapore Pools SG sports odds should benefit from the expanding market to build up potential wins in esports tournaments. Like the Singapore Pools horse racing odds, the numerous betting possibilities available in the esports betting market are worth considering for gamblers and players. The majority of esports betting websites provide odds for the top esports games listed below:

Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

One of the most widespread esports in the world is said to be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is an exhilarating tactical first-person shooter game with various captivating game types that draw players in. To win every round, professional teams navigate the game’s complexities of economy management, strategic timing, and precision gunplay. CS: GO is a thrilling esports tournament made for betting and features incredible action and thrills.

League of Legends

Over 150 million people play the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends each month. The game has a passionate player community, a dynamic competitive environment, and a constantly changing meta. The League of Legends esports sector has received tremendous praise from viewers and supporters. With approximately 174.82 million viewers, the 2021 Worlds Championship was the most-watched esports event of the previous year.


DOTA 2 is another well-known esports game of the MOBA genre. The game significantly contributed to esports’ development, especially in its early years. DOTA 2 esports is famous for its constant record-breaking prize pool.

The International (TI), DOTA 2’s most prestigious event, has collected over 40.02 million US Dollars as total possible earnings for the winning team. The huge prize pool gained hype among esports fans, leading to immense viewership. Take a look at this infographic by CM2Bet and learn more about the growing Esports Games you can bet on.

What are the Top Esports Games to Bet On?